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Hunting for apartment complexes is pretty much over. My short list is down to five. 3 are in Antioch, 2 in Murfreesboro. All are between 750-765. All are over 1000 sq feet, 2 bedroom/2 bath.

Beechwood Terrace: 1042 sq ft.


HUGE bedrooms & descent storage. Well planned galley kitchen with a lot of cabinet space. Approx 3 miles from work on Bell Rd. Water included

Cedar Point: 1200 sq ft.

Cedar Point

Great floorplan makes it feel huge. Wood burning fireplace in one corner and a good corner for my entertainment system. This one is next door to Beechwood Terrace.

Indian Park: 1309 sq ft.

Indian Park

This is the largest of the five. Incredible amounts of storage. Biggest downside is the heat,water heater & fireplace are all natural gas. Should save a tad on the electric bill but it is TVA and fairly cheap to begin with. Water is not included. It is approx a mile west of exit 81 on I24 in Murfreesboro

Northfield Commons: 1012 sq ft.

Northfield Commons

Nice open floorplan. Great kitchen. I can easily see my furniture in there. Washer & dryer are included in the rent! This is probably the farthest from work @ 28 miles. There is a nice Kroger close by and an open feeling to the entire neighborhood.

Saxony: 1038 sq ft.


Love the living/dining area with the bay window shaped area. Kitchen is workable. Another one where I can see exactly where my furniture would go. Nice porch. 2.2 miles from work.

So, as you can see, no matter where I land I am still a hell of a lot closer to work than the 57 miles I currently am. Antioch is not known to be the best area but then Murefreesboro has a rep too. Lots of pros to all the complexes & really no negatives to any.
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